Dorothy Walker Chapel



Project Management

The scope of our work came as multiple assignments starting with millwork. First, we installed encasements for the trusses, the ridge beam, and purlins. Faux beams, pilasters, and pew privacy walls were also part of the scope. Paint and stain grade poplar was the material of choice for these areas.

Door casings, window jamb extensions, sills and casings, chair molding, and base molding were installed throughout the chapel. Curved jamb extensions and casings were required in the sanctuary.  

In the restrooms, we installed laminate-clad countertops with a plumbing conceal panel below.

The pulpit platform was the next part of our scope. We used cherry solids on the radius and cherry planks for the flooring and ramp. The back wall was built using stile and rail flat panels, then trimmed with crown and base moldings. 

We completed the look of the sanctuary's rear windows with a crown header, split Tuscan columns, flat-panel wainscot, standard and curved jamb extensions, sills, and casings. The stile and rail flat-panel podium was delivered, at a later time, to match the podium in the school's theater.

The final scope of work consisted of restoring the five exterior doors. The doors were stripped, cleaned, and inspected to determine the repairs necessary. With sapele stave core materials, the doors received repairs to the stile and rail construction. The existing raised panel inserts were reused. A waterborne finish with impregnated stain was used with a clear topcoat for sheen. The specific finish protects surfaces from the degradation of color caused by UV rays and harsh weather. Our team completed the project with installation and inspection to ensure a quality fit.

Work COmpleted

Ceiling Area
Curved Casings
Casings: Doors
Casings: Windows
Floor Installation
Handrails & Railing
Jambs & Casings
Stile & Rail Construction

MAterials & Skills

Wood: Cherry
Wood: Poplar
Engineered Wood
Laminate Cladding
Finishes: Paints
Finishes: Stains or Oils
Finishes: Water-borne
Finishes: Protective Coating

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