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Project Management

Riverland Hills Baptist Church expanded its campus with a contemporary sanctuary, additional small group rooms, and the Commons Area between sanctuaries. The Commons Area is a space for greeting attendees, fellowshipping, small group meetings, and providing amenities for all activities.

The scope of our work consisted primarily of millwork, casework, and casings throughout the Commons Area and the Sanctuary. In addition, we provided standard items in both spaces.

The millwork we created included mobile units with concealed storage. All the units were engineered and fabricated in-house using laminate-clad materials. Most included Corian® solid surface tops. The units are used as coffee stations, desks, and literature displays. The Commons Area features six curved mobile units to create curved Welcome Center reception desks. Each unit features curved doors, adjustable shelves, and concealed casters behind kick plates. 

The second featured item is the folding storage center. Standing approximately 6’x4’, it expands to a gigantic 8-ft wide adjustable storage space on hidden casters for mobility.

The casework, also engineered and fabricated in-house, uses laminate-clad materials for the fronts and countertops. They are utilized as self-serve beverages stations, work counters, and literature displays. All include concealed storage with adjustable shelves.

The Commons Area coffee bar features a service counter, a buffet counter, storage space with adjustable shelves, a back bar with water connections, and a clean-up station. The entire coffee bar is fabricated with laminate-clad fronts and Corian countertops.

Entranceway casings were a gigantic scope of work for this project. Three featured arched casings were 22’ and 20’ tall. Originally part of the existing worship center's exterior walls, the arches were converted into entrances and openings to the Commons Area. All fourteen casings were engineered and fabricated in-house and then installed by the Specialty Woodworks team.

Flat-cut red oak was used for the work provided in the contemporary sanctuary. This includes the platform nosing and apron, staircases flanking the platform, handrails throughout, wall caps in front of the seating areas and the AV Booth, and a sill for the worship center window. The restroom vanities were created with laminate-clad fronts and Corian countertops.

Work COmpleted

Cased Opening
Custom Furnishing
Work Stations
Jambs & Casings
Service Counters

MAterials & Skills

Custom Materials
Engineered Wood
Finishes: Paints
Laminate Cladding
Stonework: Quartz
Engineered: Solid Surfaces
Wood: Red Oak

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