Metalsmithing is a continuation of our skills and a part of almost every project. Quite often, our metalwork is the highlight of the project we build. Simply put, we provide the best metalwork solutions for every project delivered.

The Box.

Our partnerships with the Midland's best metalworking companies allow us to satisfy design objectives while meeting industry standards for quality and safety.

Our experience includes working with hard and soft metals to create the customer’s desired look. The engineering team provides precision details for fabrication, followed by the build team adding the finishing touch with hand-applied textures, stains, and coatings.

Or Uniform.
Or Both.

Metal surfaces transform bars and tables into feature points of a room. Random or uniform patterns add a handcrafted look. Polishes and finishes add a matte or glossy appearance.

Capabilities Create Possibilities.

By investing in our facility, we can meet the needs of every project.

These are a few of the in-house capabilities we rely on for product excellence.

On-site Laser Templating

In-house & Contracted Fabrication

In-house & On-site Builds

Finishes, Powder Coating, & Textures

Controlled Environment for Finishes

Time To Recharge.

We engineer, build, and deliver custom furniture as unique as the environment it occupies.

Warm glowing lights, USB ports, and wireless charging pads are just a few features we can build into your tables and bars.


The who behind the how

A lot goes into what we do and how we do it. Meet the team that makes it happen.