Gamecock Park At Russell House



Project Management

The Gamecock Park at Russell House, located on the University of South Carolina's Columbia campus, provides a variety of cuisines, quick service, and a pay-at-entry counter to improve customer flow.

Specialty Woodworks was involved in engineering, fabrication, and installations for the first-floor restaurant and the Gamecock Park on the second floor.

We constructed a new die wall for the restaurant with a quartz countertop custom-fitted to accommodate the hot-item serving line. In addition, the beverage station received an updated countertop to match the serving line.

The student pantry store was added to the first floor. Specialty Woodworks engineered, manufactured, and installed the shelving and displays, the refrigerated section facings, and a quartz bar top on the shelving's reverse side. The laminate cladding provided a durable surface with low maintenance requirements.

For Gamecock Park, we constructed the die walls, built the countertop supports, and installed custom-fitted quartz countertops. The countertops were customized in-house to accommodate warming plates and hot/cold wells specs. Our team completed the build with stainless steel and glass sneeze guards.

The beverage station was renovated with a new quartz countertop to match the other service areas and new cabinet fronts manufactured with matte-finished laminate-clad surfaces.

In the main dining area, see-through partitions were installed to provide a semi-private dining experience. Each divider was constructed with a die wall to support the quartz bar tops and custom decorative panels manufactured by our in-house team. The last dining room segment featured decorative panels over the mirrored wall adding to the room's aesthetics. The curved partition wall's backside was utilized with a floating bar top providing additional dining space.

Additionally, our team manufactured and installed quartz countertops and vanities with laminate-clad concealment panels for the restrooms.

Work COmpleted

Casings: Windows
Custom Panels
Die Wall Construction
Repurposing Materials
Restroom Vanities
Service Counters

MAterials & Skills

Laminate Cladding
Metalwork: Stainless Steel
Stonework: Quartz

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