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The Dewberry Hotel is a manifestation of the founder's vision – to uniquely present Charleston by combining the historic L. Mendel Rivers Federal Building (circa 1964) with a distinctly modern look.

Our work surrounds guests as they enter the Dewberry Hotel. The elegance of plain sliced cherry wood panels accented with thin dividers of polished, unlacquered brass extrusions and base floor trim fill the main foyer. Some areas include subtle hints of white oak as part of the trim and installation. Adding to the grandeur of the Living Room, antiqued mirror columns with brass trim were installed. 

Our work brought to life the delightful, and sometimes hidden, surprises found throughout the space. Entering the elevator cars, guests see the wood-paneled walls; however, they may have overlooked the two hidden wall-doors made of matching cherry in the Elevator Lobby. In the Registration Corridor and the Swanston Room, we installed antiqued mirror wall panels, which wrap the room completely. A local artisan was commissioned to hand paint the collage of birds, including those in 18k gold paint.

While they are not shown, the Swanston Room restrooms are designed for comfort and privacy. Plain sliced mahogany veneers were used for the stall panels and doors. The doors are accented with an L-shaped brass kick plate positioned flush along the bottom edge and one-third up the side opposite of the hinges.

Several entryways showcase exquisite, rare, tambour casings of matching plain sliced cherry headers. The entryway to the Ballroom features surrounding wall panels made of plain sliced mahogany to match that of the uniquely designed stile and rail constructed doors.

The Ballroom is accented with matching cherry millwork and accent panels beneath the antique mirrors hung around the room.

Work COmpleted

Restoration & Repurposing
Custom Doors
Wall Panels - Wood
Custom Applications

MAterials & Skills

Wood: Cherry
Metalwork: Brass
Stave Core Wood Doors

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