1801 Grille



Project Management

1801 Grille honors the University of South Carolina’s historical establishment date as its namesake. Located inside the university’s footprint, it is a local favorite and tourist’s treat. 

The scope of our work included the majority of the interior space. Working with the design and build teams, we helped create the desired look using materials with unique textures and custom finishes. Plain sliced alder wood and leathered black granite were the primary materials used.

Entrance doors, of stave core construction with clear glass inserts, create the storefront’s welcoming appearance. The hostess station features a reception desk and rustic-style cabinet. The desk was constructed of alder wood and clear finished hot-rolled steel. The cabinet’s old-fashioned, yet timeless, look was created using hot-rolled steel, metal doors with McNicholson square mesh weaved steel inserts, glass shelves, and LED lights to illuminate the displays.

Throughout the dining room and restrooms, we installed paint-grade pine beadboard and chair rail caps along the walls. The restrooms also included solid surface vanities and stall doors with fixed louvered inserts.

The private dining room showcases Gamecock highlights on the back wall’s LED lit shelves. Cabinets below provide storage for serving materials. Two of the four doors slide along a hidden floating track to close off the room for privacy. The wire glass inserts maintain an openness in the space.

The expo area is the epicenter of the establishment with its curved service bar wall and back-lit soffit. Our work included engineering and building the soffit with its steel circular-design panels and illuminated acrylic inserts. 

The expo bar wall was engineered and built with a diewall. Removable M/E/P access panels were installed beneath the prep station and leathered black granite countertops. The front side was covered with stile and rail frames and alder veneer inserts. Along the expo wall’s food prep exterior, cabinets and stainless steel lined shelves are included for dining room storage. The brushed finish stainless steel foot rest complements the area’s design.

1801 Grille’s expo area’s design flows into the bar area along with the curved edge soffit and a bar back wall. Its rustic looks are captivating with its LED lit displays, mirror panels, blackened stainless steel splash board and its antiqued 1801 Grille mirror sign. The bar also includes a foot rest matching the expo wall. 

We completed the look with community tables, bar tables, dining room tables, and wait staff stations. All were engineered, manufactured, and built by the Specialty Woodworks team.

Work COmpleted

Casings: Doors
Custom Doors
Display Cases
LED Lighting
Restroom Vanities
Service Counters
Wall Panels - Wood

MAterials & Skills

Acrylic Panels
Engineered Wood
Laminate Cladding
LED Lighting
Metalwork: Steel
Plastic Laminates
Stave Core Wood Doors
Solid Surfaces
Stonework: Granite
Wood Wall Panels
Wood: Alder

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