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Project Management

Savage Craft Ale Works took on the task of reviving a property many felt was too daunting. We worked with the design-build team and the owner to deliver what can only be described as "savage."

The Firehouse, the first project phase, serves as the main bar and public dining area. An expansion to the rear added room for the brewery. The exterior front received an upgrade with sapele doors, hand-crafted using stile and rail construction.

The two bays transformed into the main bar and community room. The main bar consists of laminate-clad fronts with a custom steel foot rail and a hand-finished concrete countertop. The back bar illuminates the room with its inset, polished copper panels. Beverages are displayed on tempered glass shelving on wire supports.

A couple of the original red garage door panels were found on-site and repurposed into community tables. The steel supports are wrapped in copper cladding and feature Edison-style lights.

Along the east wall, steel-framed bar tables feature unique tops created using the Lichtenburg process and etched the random patterns using electricity. The etchings were filled with blue epoxy, then the tops were sealed. Dining tables were also created using the same process.

The entrance foyer makes quite a statement. The maple solid planks were charred, cleaned with wire brushes, then sealed with a varnish. An artisan, commissioned by the owner, completed the wall with the copper logo.

The third floor service bar matches the main bar. The Patio's service window countertop catches the customer's attention quite frequently. The combination of hand-rubbed concrete, a translucent caribbean blue epoxy section to form the shape of Columbia’s two rivers merging, and LED backlights makes a statement.

The patio's colorful luminescent tables were created with solid surface materials and LED programmable light strips. Another feature enjoyed by customers is the stainless steel, refrigerated cup holders keeping beverages cold on the hottest summer evenings.

Around the gas fireplace, we installed an upholstered sectional couch. The sassafras build will last for years in the outdoor setting.

Work COmpleted

Restoration & Repurposing
Custom Applications
Custom Doors
Custom Furnishing
LED Lighting
Service Counters
Wall Panels - Wood

MAterials & Skills

Acrylics & Epoxies
Laminate Cladding
LED Lighting
Wood: Sapele
Wood: Sassafras
Wood: Maple
Stonework: Concrete
Metalwork: Copper
Metalwork: Steel
Stave Core Wood Doors

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