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What many know as the Marks Building was originally known as the Phoenix Building since its establishment in 1866 for the Phoenix Newspaper. Like many buildings on the Main Street corridor, it was home to several businesses over the years. Specialty Woodworks is proud to have played an instrumental part of its restoration. Our work involved the exterior and the residential apartments on the upper floors.

The exterior work provided was intricate and detailed to that of its origin. We replicated and installed the historical cornice with corbels and hand-turned finials, the windows’ eyebrows and casings. On the street level, we recreated the storefront with custom-built stile and rail doors and sapele for the window sashes, sills, jambs, and casings. 

If the beautiful cornice does not catch your attention, then perhaps the second floor balcony will. Specialty Woodworks worked with the team to replicate and rebuild the balcony based on historical information.

For the residential units, we helped create inviting homes with high-end cabinet installation, granite counters, and replicated trim and casings to match historical details of the building.

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