Sumter Police Department



Estimating & Budgeting

With the continuous growth in the City of Sumter, the Sumter Public Safety Department faced the challenge of serving citizens in an efficient and timely manner. The Sumter Public Safety Complex was the solution to help them meet those needs and Specialty Woodworks was a part of the build team.

The scope of our work included casework, cabinetry, countertops, sills and trim work, soffits, workstations, and wood walls. Granite and marine-edged stainless steel was selected for service counters, countertops, and work stations. The cabinetry and casework utilize plastic laminates with a natural teak design to provide surfaces that are durable and easily maintained.

The wood wall and ceiling panels were installed in the main conference room, as well as, the Chief’s office. Both panel types were fabricated in-house using birch veneers.

While our work is found throughout the entire facility, highlighted areas include the reception counters, the front administrative work area, conference room, chief’s office, records and evidence room, and the crime lab.

The crime lab, evidence room, and bio-vest rooms consist of the same cabinetry and casework found throughout the facility. Marine-edged stainless steel countertops were installed because of the demanding conditions in these work areas.

Other areas included workrooms, observation rooms, breakroom, radio room, kennel room, janitorial, and restrooms.

Work COmpleted

Ceiling Area
Casings: Windows
Service Counters
Wall Panels - Wood

MAterials & Skills

Engineered Wood
Finishes: Stains or Oils
Laminate Cladding
Metalwork: Stainless Steel
Plastic Laminates
Stonework: Granite
Wood: Birch

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