Mast General Store

Columbia • South Carolina



The 1600 block, circa the 1870s, began as a two-story structure and expanded in size over the years. The building has a rich history of tenants and owners throughout the years and continues with Mast General Store.

Specialty Woodworks is known for restorations of historical structures and the former G. Diercks grocer of 1800s is one of many we revived with detail matching that of its original condition.

Our involvement included three parts — the Main Street and Taylor Street storefronts and the monumental staircase connecting the three floors.

The Main Street storefront draws in customers with its large display windows and two double-door entranceways. The window casings, jambs, and moulding are machined using sapele, a solid hardwood resistant to water damage, rot, and pests. The double doors are custom-built, stile and rail construction, to original specs using sapele stave core materials with large glass inserts.

The Taylor Street storefront provides entrance from the parking garage with no less attention to detail and craftsmanship.

For the restoration of the monumental staircase, we used solid oak for handrails, treads, and risers. For the newels and blusters, solid poplar was selected for its smooth surface qualities when painted.

Work COmpleted

Monumental Staircase
Custom Doors
Restoration & Repurposing
Casings: Windows

MAterials & Skills

Wood: Sapele
Wood: Poplar
Stile and Rail Doors

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