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Lexington Medical Park II Lexington Medical Park II Lexington Medical Park II Lexington Medical Park II

Lobby and Elliptical Staircase | Lexington Medical Park II

Project Start Date: 16.03.07 | Project Completion Date: 03.08.07

Team: Specialty Woodworks with Architect: Jumper Carter Sease; Contractor: McCrory Construction

Client’s Need: Create wood paneled walls with a grand elliptical staircase as the centerpiece

Challenges: The curving elliptical staircase incorporated steel from three different suppliers with variables in delivery dates and CAD designs

Results: This high-end LEED project incorporating wood wrapped wall panels and a stunning steel and glass elliptical staircase achieved its vision of creating a warm open atmosphere for physicians and patients.

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Every Specialty Woodworks project is custom designed and configured to meet the goals of each client. Our philosophy is to provide the superior quality and service that surpasses every expectation.

  • LEED
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Premium Wood Veneer
  • Premium Specialty Moldings
  • Custom Stain
  • Flawless Finishing
  • Deliver/Install On Site

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